Self Storage Tips

10 Self-Storage Tips for Your Unit in Bear, DE

Getting ready to move your belongings into a new storage unit? Maximize your storage space with our simple, space-saving packing and storage tips.

Labelling your boxes before moving them into storage will help you identify where your valuables are quickly. It also allows you to organize your related belongings together for easy access.

Maximize your storage space by stacking your items as high as you safely can. Place your large, heavy objects towards the bottom of your stack and light items at the top. This will prevent potential falls and damages to your valuables.

When storing your items, create a pathway in the center of your unit. Doing so makes navigating your space and accessing your belongings easier.

Loading large boxes with multiple heavy objects can result in an injury when you move them. Avoid unnecessary strain by placing your heavier items in small boxes. Your back will thank you later!

Wrap your breakable possessions like glassware in bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Furniture should be covered in protective material, but avoid heavy plastics as they can trap moisture.

Which items will you need to access the most often? Place them towards the front of your unit to save time and effort.

If your furniture can be disassembled, this will save space in your unit. Doing so will also help reduce strain when the furniture is moved.

If you stack your boxes, you may need help reaching them. Keep a ladder or foldable stool in your unit for accessing items that are out of reach.

If you have box cutters, screwdrivers and other tools, place them in the same area for quick access. A simple tool kit is extremely helpful to have in your unit when dealing with any belongings that need to be assembled or taken apart.

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